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Do Mets Have Shot at Golden Possum Title?

After Remarkable Road Trip, Mets May Be In Contention for Coveted Honor


Note To Readers: The following article was posted on Sunday, July 25th with a significant typo and is being reposted on July 26th with updates from the games later that day.


The road trip ended Sunday, mercifully, and the Mets are much closer to winning the Golden Possum Award than before. The Golden Possum Award is given to any team that at any given moment has the most notable reputation for “dying on the road,” as it were. Just like a dead possum, the team that wins this coveted statue really stinks on the road, just a plain fact.


Possum%20road%20Kill%202.jpgTwo weeks ago the Mets were over the .400 mark on the road and out of the top ten, but after going 2-9 on this road trip, their ranking in the Golden Possum Standings has been steadily rising. After Saturday’s miserable extra inning 3-2 fiasco against the Dodgers, and Sunday’s 1-0 Golden Sombrero Fest, they now may even have a shot at the trophy. When all the members of a team think alike and do the same things at the same time, its bound to get results.

In an exclusive interview with Amazine, Mets’ third baseman David Wight* said, “The New York Mets really stink during road trips this year. They accomplish this as a team. There is hardly a game in which each player doesn’t fail to contribute to this goal. As soon as they leave the safety of Citifield, these players really come out of their shell and play like there’s no tomorrow.  Its worth it  to travel to other MLB cities outside of the New York area, just to see them play in a way that we never get to see at home. Its so remarkable.”

What is remarkable about this season is how exceptionally horrible many teams are this year away from home. It must be some kind of record. During a normal season the Mets would have no trouble capturing the flag with their astounding 20-33 “away” tally, but this year there are so many teams tanking on tour that only a miracle will allow the Mets to walk away with the superlatives this time. As they say, its not just the games behind in the loss column, its the number of teams, and the Mets are now 8th, ahead of Houston and Colorado, and a half game behind the “Clueless in Cleveland” Indians. Their chances of catching the Pirates this year in RGME, road game massacres experienced, are almost nil, but they keep trying anyway.

Here are the current standings as of July 26th, 2010. This shows only the top ten contenders, across the majors, without regard to league membership or overall win percentage.


1. Pittsburgh Pirates 11-38   .224

2. Baltimore Orioles   13-34   .276

3. Arizona Diamondbacks  13-33  .282

4. Seattle Mariners   15-32  .319

5. Washington Nationals 17-36   .320

6. Detroit Tigers  16-29  .355

7. Cleveland Indians  19-33  .365

8. NEW YORK METS  20-32  .377

9. Houston Astros  19-30  .388

10. Colorado Rockies  20-31  .388


Pittsburgh, with a breathtaking total of 11 wins all year away from PNC park, and 6 games “up” in the win column from the Mets, are in the running to have the worst road record in baseball history, with  Baltimore and Arizona nipping their heels. Seattle, running fourth, has the same number of losses as the Mets, but in five less road games. The Nationals have accumulated an amazing 36 losses on the road, but are still two losses behind the Pirates, in spite of all their efforts to the contrary. The Mets are really going to have to blow alot of late inning leads on the road if they are going to pass Washington and compete with Pittsburgh for that distinction. Meanwhile even the Orioles’s 13-34 record may prove insurmountable for the New York Mets, who are known to be a streaky team and may suddenly win three or four road games in a row for no apparent reason. I think that with a few more injuries and some inept pitching performances from Oliver Perez, the Mets have a shot at passing Cleveland and Detroit in lost road games, but Washington and Seattle are now at .320 on the open trail, so I wouldn’t count on the Mets to place any higher than 6th this year in the Golden Possum Standings.

I have a better idea: Let’s forget about winning the Golden Possum this year, and focus instead on winning road games and blowing away the Braves and Phillies in the positive thinking column! What a concept! Don’t they have some kind of trophy for winning the NL East? Yes, I think they used to call it a “pennant!”

*That’s ten year old David “Gameboy” Wight, third baseman for the Trumbull, Connecticut Little League Softball Mets, who by the way haven’t had a “road trip” in ten years, since there is only one field for the entire league.