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Mets Midterms

New York Fortunate to be Wild Card Team in NL

The Mets are currently the NL wild card team, with a record of 45 + 36. They are on a pace to win 90 games, and become the wild card team and compete in the playoffs. They are batting .260 as a team, which would stay the same, 7th in the NL. They now have 372 runs, 710 hits, 144 doubles, 23 triples, and 65 homers, with 355 rbis and 77 stolen bases. They are 9th in runs scored, 7th in doubles, 2nd in triples, 11th in homers, 9th in rbi’s, and leading the league in stolen bases. They are on a pace to make 744 runs, 1420 hits, 288 doubles, 46 triples, and 130 homers, with 710 rbis, and 154 stolen bases.

The Mets are not scoring runs quite as efficiently as they have in the past, either.
Here are the runs-efficiency standings as of now for the NL. The number represents runs per at bat.


Reds   .143

Braves  .141

Phils    .141

Dodgers .140

Rockies  .139

Brewers   .139

Mets   .136

Cards  .128

The good news is that David Wright is leading the NL in batting average during the last seven games;  he is batting .484 during that period.

Yesterday’s 9th inning loss the the Nationals was the 10th time the Mets have lost in a walk off situation this year.