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Brewers “Blazing Hot” Coffey Strong Today, Limits “Sugar;” Hart Gets Jumpstart


Sunday’s matchup between the Mets and the Milwaukee Brewers was a tense scoreless contest, but Coffey brought the Brewers the relief they were looking for. It was 1 to 1 after four, but the Brewers scored in the fifth and sixth, giving them a 3-1 lead.  The Mets threatened in the seventh but scored only one when the Brewers brought in their grade A reliever Coffey, to pitch the rest of the game. Todd Coffey, who has been on a hot streak since he started with Milwaukee, has not given up a single run in his 17 innings as a Brewer.   Combine that with the performance of right fielder, Corey Hart, who went two for three, and you have a formula for heart attack as far as the Mets are concerned. Hart got a big jump off of Mets pitcher Figueroa, just up from the minors, to steal a base as well.

The Mets were playing a hot hand too, rookie catcher Omir Santos, who has a double and triple in five major league at-bats, and who threw a runner out to end Saturday’s game. Santos, a young man some call “Sugar” because of the similarity between him and the main character named Miguel “Sugar” Santos in the movie by the same name, got into Coffey in a big way, and poured it on, but was wasted, and the Mets lost 4-2. Nonetheless, they go into Monday’s off day with a bullpen that is leading the major leagues with a combined 1.89 ERA. Sweet!


Kubel Slams into Cycle, Drives Across Twin Spann, Unconcerned

Jason Kubel, enjoying what he calls a newfound sense of relaxation while playing (AP interview) was going for the “cycle.”  He had already hit a single, double, and triple, and needed only the home run. He did it in style, hitting a grand slam to complete the cycle and cap a huge come-from-behind rally for the Minnesota Twins Saturday.  With one on, Denard Spann had doubled in the bottom of the eighth, followed by an intentional walk to Justin Morneau. The homer drove Spann and the other Twins runners across the plate for four much-needed runs. It was the ninth time a player for the Minnesota Twins had hit for the cycle, but few have ended so dramatically. The final score was 11-9 in a huge come-back victory for the Twins.

“Black Magic” Santana, Putz, Hot-Rod, Former Angel, on Cloud Nine, Punch Out 11 Brewzers; Braun Thrown Out To End Fight in Queens

On Saturday, April 18th, the Mets won a duel with the Milwaukee Brewers pitchers by showing them the best one-two-three punch in baseball, Johan Santana, J.J.  Putz, and former Los Angeles Angel “K-Rod” Francisco Rodriguez, one of the hottest pitchers in the league. These three musketeers have  given up only two runs all year in a combined 32 1/3rd innings of relief, and worked together to punch out 11 Brewzers in a strikeout fest, skunking them 1-0.

Imagine the perspiration the Brewers hitters shed when facing Johan “Black Magic” Santana (this nickname, bestowed by Amazine in honor of Carlos Santana the guitarist who wrote the song “Black Magic Woman”), a starter with a 0.46 ERA this year, with one run allowed in 19 2/3rds innings.  He shut them out for seven, ringing up seven strikeouts.  Then came J.J. Putz, whose 1.20 ERA was the weakest of the three, and who blanked the Brewers on two more strikeouts. J.J. has given up one run in 7 innings this year. Then came the closer, K-Rod, who has a 0.00 ERA with the Mets so far. K-Rod  also blanked them on two more strikeouts. The last one ended in a called strike three and then Omir Santos threw out Braun trying to steal second to end the game. The only Met run came on a fielder’s choice after an error by Weeks in the seventh. No Brewer was able to get past first base during the entire game.


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