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Wishbone Season

The Mets turned in a satisfying win over the streaking Marlins, 8-4 on Saturday night, to bring their record to 3-2 on the year. This gives the Mets a .600 win-loss average. In a 162 game season, to project the final stats to the end of the year, one would divide 162 by 5 (32.4) then
wishbone.jpgmultiply times 3 (97.2) to get the total number of wins the Mets would have if they kept up this pace, 97. That would be a nice  season. At the end of the year, Johan Santana and Livan Hernandez would both be undefeated and KRod would have a hundred saves.

Of course, some fans (from Philadelphia) would say this is  unrealistic. They don’t believe in Mets magic.  By the same token the Mets would have to maintain their current batting averages:

Reyes  .286

Murphy .348

Wright   .316

Delgado .427

Beltran  .381

Church  .526

Schneider .200

Castillo   .357

No problem, in fact I think Reyes could bump that number up a little.

Delgado really does seem to be on a pace to average one rbi per day (see Delgado Treats Himself To some fine ribbies…) or better. He has six ribbies now in five games. That’s 1.2 per game. At that pace, he would have at least 194 ribbies by the end of the year, passing Rogers Hornsby and alot of other people on the all time list. Don’t slack off now Delgado. By the same subway token, Beltran has 5 ribbies in five games, which projects to 162 by the end of the year. Church has one homer in 5 games, and that extends into 32 homers at the end of the year. We expect nothing less.

We Mets fans have a right to be optimistic. Nothing has gone wrong for the last three years and we expect that trend to continue as well.

Tomorrow maybe they’ll use a rabbit ball in the game to celebrate Easter.

Good luck Mets!




Delgado Treats Himself to Some Fine Spare Ribbies, More on the Grill

(Thursday, April 9th, 2009) In the last of  a three game series against the Cincinnati Reds, noted gourmand Carlos Delgado had already tied Dave Parker on the all time ribbie list with 1493, and needed only one extra ribbie to pass him. And although the Mets lost 8-6, Carlos got that ribbie to pass Parker, and indulged himself in a spare ribbie to bring his total to 1495. At a pace of one ribbie a game, Delgado will pass the gustatorial Mickie Mantle (1509) in 15 days (April 24th) the voracious Jeff Kent (1518) in 24 days (May 2nd) Big Eatin’ Wahoo Sam Crawford (1525) in 31 days (May 9th) the hungry Tris Speaker and Jeff Bagwell (1529) in 35 days (May 13th), “slim” Joe DiMaggio (1537) in 43 days (May 21st) Hungry Harry Heilman (1539) in 45 days (May 23rd) and Big Daddy Willie Stargel (1540) the day after (46 days, May 24th).Ten days later he will pass Firepit Fred McGriff (56 games,1550, June 3rd) Five days later he will pass Wee Willie McCovey (1555, June 8th) twenty days later he will pass Jigger  Jake Beckley, (1575, June 28th) and given three days rest for the All Star Break, he will pass 11 days after that Angus Al Kaline (1583, July 9th). He will then pass Rare Meat Rogers Hornsby and Hoisin Sauce Harmon Killebrew the day after (1584) on July 10th.

delgado.jpgSurprisingly, he will still be 49 ribbies short of that grand master of the home plate licking contest, and new teammate on the right side of the field, Gary “the Chef” Sheffield. If he keeps to that one ribbie per day diet, he will pass “the Chef’s” current mark of 1633 on or about September 1st, 2009. Of course, we hope that “the Chef” will be treating himself to lots of those tasty ribbies too, and will be somewhere past “Reggie Bar” Reggie Jackson (1702). To do that Sheffield will have to pass Ernie Banks (1636), Tony Perez (1652) Sammy Sosa (1667) and Cal Ripken Jr (1695) in the process.   If Sheffield gets 100 ribbies this season, he will pass Honus Wagner (1732) who is # 19 on the waiting list.

We at Amazine will keep you posted about these landmarks as they occur.