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Mets Have Shot at 101 Wins

Good news has been hard to come by of late, and now the news about Delgado’s new injury! But here at Amazine we always try to keep on the positive side. I was unhappy when Tony LaRussa had that runty rookie sinkerballer fire a fastball at David Wright’s famous face, the only recognizable face on the lineup and the only uninjured player not visiting from Triple A. If that fastball had hit David in the nose, there would be no more recognizable faces on the Mets, trust me.

But Tony LaRussa deserved a little credit. He led the A’s to 104 victories in 1988, and 103 victories in 1990. He topped that in 2004 and led the Cards to 105 victories. Due to the Melvillian luck of the 2009 Moby Dick Mets we will not be getting 105 wins this year. Blame it on injuries, wah wah wah, but on the bright side we could still get 101 victories,  All we have to do is win every single frigging game until the end of the year. No losses! Come on guys, I know you can do it! Didn’t they teach you anything in Triple A?

This may sound like an unfounded dream, but do the math.

We have 61 losses in a 162 game schedule. That means we can still break the 100 mark and complete a respectable season of 101 and 61 (101+61=162, see?) just by not losing. No more blown saves by KRod. (K for krying in baseball). No more dropped popups by Castillo. No  more airballs to a vacant first base because Dan Murphy left his “OUT TO LUNCH” sign at home. Just win win win. It’s that simple.

Let’s start a writein campaign to the Mets, asking them to stop losing so that we can break 100 wins this year.

Okay, maybe that’s harsh. Let’s ask them to match the 97 wins they got in 2006. That would involve 44 more victories in 51 more games (53 wins plus 44 wins is 97 wins, see?)  That means they could lose 5 or so games and still be remembered as one of the best Mets teams ever. I say we go for it.

It’s never too late to have false hopes!!!!!