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Newest Mets too Young to Have Seen Buckner Error, Last WS Win

Evan Pritchard for Amazine


With Ike Davis making national news with his .500 batting average and rbi in his dramatic debut, its time to look at the weird stats involved. Here is a first salvo of weirdness.

The most famous play in Mets history involving a first baseman was the Buckner error, which allowed the Mets to win the 6th game of the World Series against the Red Sox. That was October 25th, 1986, as if you don’t already know. The following day the Mets won the 7th game and their last World Series title.



45659_Buckner-error-4.jpg I’m sure you remember that day, but amazingly enough, three of our newest team members cannot. It is not that they have foggy memory banks from too much partying. The fact is, they weren’t even born yet.

Here is Ike Davis, son of Yankee pitcher Ron Davis. He was born on March 27th, 1987, only five months after the Mets celebrated the World Series victory in 1986. He has never seen the Mets win a world series. He was warming up with the Buffalo AAA team yesterday and someone walked up to him with a plane ticket to the big apple and said, “You’re starting first base tonight against the Cubs.” He went two for four and helped the Mets win.















Here is Jenrry Mehia, he was born October 11th, 1989, almost two years after the Buckner Blunder. He has been pitching rather well for the Mets.

















Here is John Niese. You gotta believe it or not, he was born the day after the Mets won their last World Series title, October 27th, 1986.


jon_niese.jpgPrettty amazing!