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David Wright on All (3) Cylinders

08t_triple_crown.jpgMets Third Baseman Hot at the Plate and Should Start All Star Game

Dateline July 2nd, 2010

The Mets’ bullpen held off a late surge by the Nationals to win 5-3, grabbing an important win to keep pace with the victorious Braves from Atlanta, whom they trail by 2 in the NL East. It also preserved their grip on the NL Wild Card berth for now. Also significant was David Wright’s 3 for 5 performance, which helped the team, but which also improved his come-from-behind race for starting third baseman at the 81st annual All Star Game.

Is he close to winning the Triple Crown?  No, of course not. But if this Holy Grail of Baseball were the lead solo from Hendrix “Purple Haze,” David Wright should be able to do the “Air Guitar” Version by the All Star Break, and turn a few heads our way in the process. Plus if he does that, more people will read my blog.

Here is a brief summary of his offensive (and I mean that in a nice way) standings in the National League. In fact if he played like a maniac between now and the All Star Game on July 13th, he could be contending for the league lead in homers, rbis, and batting average, not to mention doubles, OBP, Slugging, hits and to a lesser extent, stolen bases. For a Mets fan, this would be a really nice “Experience”, especially after last year.


 RBI: David Wright currently has 63 rbi’s, which leads the league and  is 2 ahead of the nearest competitor.

Homers: David Wright has been smacking them lately, and hits them on the road which is where he’s going to be next week. He is now at 14 homers, which is #13 in the league, but only 5 behind Albert Pujols, not my closest friend, so I don’t care what happens to his lovely swing. If  Loudmouth can go into a power slump and Wright can go on a homer streak and hit one each game for 9 games, he’ll surely top Pujols in this important category. Votto could also get in the way. Polanco only has five.

Batting Average: David Wright is batting  .312 right now, in case you haven’t been paying attention. That’s number eight among the top ten hitters with more than 110 at bats, and number 5 for players with 230+ at bats. Prado is first at .337, only .25 points ahead. Furcal is second at .333, Manny is third at .322, (only 10 points ahead) Renteria is fourth at .320, the Phillies’ third baseman Placido Polanco is fifth at .318 (6 points ahead), Olivo is sixth at .316, and Votto is seventh at .314. Seems like easy prey to me, but hey, I’m not out there dodging bean balls every day.

 Wright at last count is still 22,000 votes behind the Phillies’ Placido Polanco. But here’s the scoop, Polanco just went on the DL on Tuesday, freezing his measley .318 batting average for now. I’m sure that Wright, on his way to the Triple Crown Thing, can raise his BA by seven points before July 13th and pass Polanco.  If you are making a serious run for the triple crown and you can’t be the starting third baseman in the All Star Game, you need a new toothpaste.


david-wright.jpgDoubles: David Wright also happens to lead the NL in doubles with 25. Good work Dave. That puts you ahead of Polanco anyway.

Wright has 13 stolen bases which is #12 in the league, 12 behind M. Bourn.

Wright has 92 hits so far this year, which is 22 behind Prado, 8 behind Phillips, and one behind Braun, placing him in 4th place in the NL.

Wright’s On Base Percentage is .391, which is good for #7 in the NL.

Wrights Slugging Percentage is .546 which is #8 in the NL.

Plus everyone likes to see Wright make those barehanded grabs at third, so the All Star Game should be in his back pocket. Go Mets Fans!  Write up those All Star Tickets like a hoard of New York State troopers and make David Wright a lock in for the Summer Classic as a starter.

What would help would be if Jason Bay can put some heat on the opposing pitchers, coming up after Wright and protecting him in the lineup, so that the batting average goes up. Also having Reyes on base ahead of him would help with the RBI’s.

Also, I for one would like to see Steve Strasberg in the All Star Game. He’s exciting to watch, and All Star Games can get boring. Washington DC has always had taxation without representation, in the All Star Game as well as in real life; so let’s let the kid have a turn. After Pelfrey pitches.


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