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Coach Refuses to go to Church on Easter Sunday!

More (Mis)Leading Stories in Baseball

From Evan Pritchard of www.Amazine1.mlblogs.com

Coach Refuses to go to Church

Jerry Manuel Says He’s Turning it Over to a Higher Power–

“Preacher” Confesses He Was a Dodger on Sundays Himself Once in a While


According to MLB.Com reporter Marty Noble, (April 8th 2009) Mets coach Jerry
untitled.bmp Manuel has stated that he is not going to Church, his usual “go to guy” for right field this Sunday, April 12th, which happens to be Easter. Instead he is going to Sheffield to ask him to start in that position against the Marlins Sunday. He is turning that responsibility over to Gary Sheffield who is one home run away from the all-important 500 mark. The coach feels Shef is still blessed with more long ball power at his age than is the young Ryan Church.  It would be his first game as a Met. A homer would really resurrect Gary Sheffield’s career in a big way. Although Sheffield will never make The 700 Club, which includes only Barry Bonds (762), Hank Aaron (755), and Babe Ruth (714), he will be inducted eventually into the inner sanctum of the Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown based on hitting 500 or more homers in his career.

In an unrelated story, Elwin “Preacher” Rowe, a pitcher for the 1951 Brooklyn Dodgers, the Boys of Summer (a team featured in the new book The Boys of Shea; The Incredible Story of the 2006 New York Mets),
kytv_Preacher%20Roe.jpgis not actually a minister, and did in fact occasionally start games for the Dodgers that fell on Sundays. His real first name is either “Elwin” or “Lynwood,”
which other players had trouble remembering, hence the nickname. The lefthander, whose stats are comparable to Sheffield’s uncle, Dwight Gooden, still lives in the Ozarks of Missouri.

He is just the kind of pitcher that tends to  strike out Ryan Church, who was a .220 hitter versus lefthanders in 2007.  





Manuel: Razor Shines Improves on Original Sheffield Plan

But Omar Still Considers the Rightie “Disposable.”


(Thursday, April 9th, 2009) Mets manager Jerry Manuel  revealed Wednesday that he had ordered third base coach Razor Shines to train new arrival Gary Sheffield more vigorously than previously planned, in order to insert his face into the lineup by Sunday, this according to an article dated April 8th, by Marty Noble, a reporter for MLB.COM. The original plan for the cheeky Sheffield was to polish his skills slowly and carefully between now and May, using him sparingly in the clutch, then as a starting right fielder, but that plan has been changed; the new plan is to have him start as early as Sunday in right field against the Marlins. Of course, it all depends on how quickly Razor Shines sees improvement in the aging Sheffield’s athletic ability.  Critics say his eye for the fastball is not as sharp as it once was, and that his home run cut is duller than in his Yankee days. Omar Minaya stated on April 3rd of this year that at the low price he paid the Tigers for Sheffield, he considers Gary quite “disposable”  if he can’t cut it as a Met. Nonetheless, Sheffield’s presence on the team that his uncle, Dwight Gooden, used to play for, is quite historic. ESPN’s baseball historian, Gary Gillette, could not be reached for comment.

In an unrelated story, the movie A Sheffield Blade has been released on DVD by UK’s Baseline Studios. Baseball fans may remember that the original plan for shaving whiskers was developed in Sheffield, England in the early 1700s, with the invention of the “steel straightedge razor,” and was improved upon in 1828 in that same city by the introduction of the Safety Razor.  That manual razor, when made with stainless steel, by Schick, retained its razor shine and also improved upon the original Sheffield plan. The Gillette disposable razor was developed later.


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