About amazine1

I grew up around our Nation’s Capitol, as a
Senators fan, and it prepared me for the role I now play as a
long suffering NY Mets fan. I moved to NYC in 1978 because
the light was better, but also so I could see both National
and American League games, and I have loved New York City
ever since. I have written two books on baseball, The Boys of
Shea, the Unforgettable 2006 Mets…available on Amazon.com,
and the unpublished Home Run Heroes which will hopefully be
published soon. I have written three books about New York
City, Native New Yorkers (which you’ve read, of
course–either in hardback or paper, it sequel Henry Hudson
and the Algonquins of New York (soon to be a major motion
picture they tell me) and Touring Native New York. I also am
the author of No Word For Time, (available in Korean for some
reason) Wholehearted Thinking (available in Spanish and
French) Bird Medicine, and Native American Stories of the
Sacred, to name just a few. You can order my books and learn
more than you want to know about me at
http://www.algonquinculture.org. and
http://peopleofmanitou.blogspot.com, or see counciloakbooks
and skylightpaths online catalogs. To order an autographed
copy of Home Run Heroes or any of my other books, contact me
at evan.pritchard7@gmail.com. Much obliged!


I love movies especially Field of Dreams,
and The Natural. I also love American history. (see my
article comparing Mickey Lolich with Mad Anthony Wayne, both
heroes for Detroit) For years I’ve been reading other
people’s blogs (where anonymous Shakespeares keep you
entranced for pages with how their dog farted after eating
hotdogs and they’re such good writers, that you tell all your
friends to send in their comments) for years, and I wanted to
start my own. Here is one of them.