Mets Skyrocket to 7th Worst in Baseball with Jason Bay in the Lineup

After winning five straight games against Houston (.391) Arizona (.455) and Washington (.455) the Mets are feeling on top of the world. That doesn’t mean they are actually on top of anything, but it just feels like it. Their situation has something to do with losing nine straight two weeks ago, but things are certainly looking better since Jason Bay walked into our “yard” and caught the chickens off their guard. In fact, the Mets have won every single game Bay has played in this year!

Jason Bay came back to the land of the living on April 21st and went 1 for 4 in his first game of the season, helping the Mets beat Houston. The following day he went 1-4 against Arizona and the Mets won. On April 23rd, he went 2-4 against AZ and the Mets won again. The following day he went 1-3 and the Mets swept the Diamondbacks. On Tuesday April 26th, Bay went 2-4 raising his average to .368 and helping the Mets beat Washington 6 to 4. I don’t know what magic he has in that bat but let’s be reaalllly nice to him, okay? He seems to have what the Mets need, and it probably isn’t good looks.

Bay is not the only one doing well. Ike Davis is at .338 with 7 doubles one triple and 4 homers with 18 rbis and a slugging %%% of .600. Reyes is batting .314 with 6 doubles, 2 triples and 6 ribbies with 8 stolen bases.  Wright, although at .247 has 5 homers  (with some near misses!) and 15 rbis. Beltran’s 8 doubles and 3 homers (.289) count for something as well.

Once touted as the worst team in baseball, the Mets have now leaped into a three way tie for seventh worst in baseball, and third worst in the National League. They are still three games under .500, so the loveable losers label is not in danger yet. Here are the standings for the worst in baseball.


The Worst Records in Baseball

San Diego  9  15  .375

Seatlle   9  15    .375

Houston 9  14   .391

Chicago WS 10  14  .417

Minneapolis  9   12   .429

Baltimore   9  12   .429

Tied for seventh worst:

NY Mets  10  13  .435

Chicago Cubs  10  13  .435

Pittsburgh   10  13  .435

                                                                                                                                                                                                                  If the Mets jason bay.jpgwin tonight against Washington, it will be a major breakthrough for the team. They will skyrocket to 11 and 13 for a .458 win/loss record. Washington will go to 11 and 13 as well. The Mets would then be tied for last instead of dead last in their division.  If Boston loses, they too will go to 11 and 13 as would Arizona if they lost. This means the Mets might find themselves in a six way tie for seventh  worst.

In any case, we need to send good energy to Jason Bay. Apparently all he needs to do is get one hit and the Mets are so happy they forget all their financial woes and win the game.





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