Mets Need Tighter Stats Races to Keep Fans Hopeful

David Wright is number 9 on NL Home Run Leaders List with 5, but One More Brings Him to 5th and a Spot on the MLB homepage.

baseball stats.jpgThe Mets are a long way out of first place right now. When you yell “Let’s Go Mets!” you need to accompany that with the modern-day sports radio equivalent of fine print, those innanely quick compressed speech sotto-voce disclaimers that follow many commercials nowadays. You need to say “Let’s Go Mets…realistically speaking….. out of the cellar and also in terms of individual player stats! 

When you say “Let’s Go Mets” you have to provide footnotes defining your terms to the satisfaction of nearby Yankee and Phillies fans.  In this case”let’s” means  “allow them”, “go” meaning to move  forward towards our realistic short term goals,  boldly out of last place and also into the top five in individual NL stats. When you say Mets, you may want to specify “trade bait” and “free agent” stars not long for New York as opposed to the small time players who are likely to be left standing in September.

David Wright is one swing away from the top five on the NL home run list. Ricky Weeks look out.


1 Ryan Braun  MIL 9 homers 

2. Alfonso Soriano Chic Cubs 7 homers

2. Albert Pujols  St L  7 homers

2. Troy Tulowitzki Colo 7 homers

5. Ricky Weeks    (plus 3 other players) 6 homers

9. David Wright NY Mets 5 homers

Since the MLB site mainly focuses on the top five of everything, it is very important for David Wright to hit that 6th homer to  tie with Ricky Weeks for 5th so that Mets fans can cheer for him with more authenticity, and see his face on the MLB homepage without having to click additional tabs for stats.


David Wright is 8th in runs scored with 18, but if he hit one more he would be 4th, and would make  the top 5. Here is the runs scored list:


1. Braun 23

2. Votto 22

3. Philips 20

4.Berkman St. L 19

4. Fowler Col 19

4. Kemp LA 19

4. Weeks Mil 19

8. Davis Wright Mets 18

8. Bourn  18

Reyes is #2 in stolen bases with 8, (one behind Pittsburgh’s Tabata who has 9) and  tied with 4 other players, and #1 in triples with 2, (tied with 11 others) Reyes should focus on getting more stolen bases, regardless of their affect on the game so he can pass Tabata and be number one in two categories.

Ike Davis is number four in the league in terms of RBI’s; way to go Ike. You saved us alot of clicking and dragging.


1. Fielder  23

2. Braun  21

3. Howard 20

4. Davis 18 (tied with others). Davis should focus on getting three more RBIs than these other gentlemen so he’ll rise to second place.


1. Braun .721

2. Tulowitski .674

3. Votto  .627

4. Kemp .612

5. IKE DAVIS .600

Ike is in the top 5 but MLB does not list by 80 or more at bats. Sorry Ike!

Beltran is having a great year for doubles! That was always his favorite. He is third in the league right now. You can see him on MLB’s homepage under doubles.


1. Ethier 9

2. Fowler 9

3. Beltran  8 

(Davis has 7, but so do alot of other people)


1. Holliday  .407

2. Ethier  .379

3. Kemp  .379

4. Berkman  .378

5. Votto .373

6. IKE DAVIS .338


Votto, Berkman and Kemp are bunched up, a few points apart, and Davis has a long way to go behind them. MLB could really help him and the Mets by extending the NL leaders lists to six places, but that is probably not going to happen. The only solution is for the individual Mets such as Davis to play harder, which is not such a bad idea when you think about it.






  1. MrBMG

    Nice blog here and I like the stats listings but, if you want fans to stay hopeful the only stat that matters is wins. The Mets probably will not have a great season but this Mets fan wants to see some attitude. Just show me one Ray Knight slide into 3rd base and punch Eric Davis in the mouth play and I will pay closer attention for sure…

  2. amazine1

    Let us hope its not the ONLY stat that matters, or the Mets are in trouble this year. I would like to see alot more wins, which is better than none at all. And even the most hardcore baseball philosopher understands the beauty of being at .500 or above in order to exhude a certain aura of balance and harmony. If Wright stands closer to the plate, if Paulino keeps playing like he has, if Bay plays like he did the first four games, if if if, (and we get a marquis starting pitcher from out of the blue) then we’ll see a winning ball team.

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