Autumn Without Pedro

Pedro Martinez to Miss Post Season Entirely
copyright c 2006 Evan Pritchard

Dumbfounded and yet not surprised.
I contemplate the fate of Great Pedro
Pedro the fastest horse in the pennant race
on many an occasion,
will not be posted this post season.

Pedro’s health issues have been getting worse and worse
with each passing week.
Now this.
I am sad this rainy autumn day
because of our collective Queens dream
which is to see Pedro pitching in the World Series again
and in a Mets uniform.
This guy lives for the post season.
And we live
(at least some compartment in our lives)
to see him fulfill that destiny.

Was he concealing these injuries?
but its probably not a Carl Pavano situation
God forbid
where the story keeps getting weirder and weirder
like the movie Larger Than Life
with Bill Murray
and oh by the way I forgot to mention
the cracked ribs
the sex model
(with more cracked ribs)
the 18 wheeler
the alcohol content
and the seven midgets

Its just Pedro, the frail, welterweight Pedro,
falling apart prematurely
and allowing the force of nature
to deprive us of a Hall of Fame pitching performance
in the Series.

This has been a tough week for Mets fans,
and heart-breaking at the same time.
Time for long walks in autumn leaves.
A time for reflection.

Both ankles injured?
Lucky he’s not a racehorse.
But he is a thoroughbred,
and like Stewball in the song,
they will let him drink wine not water,
and he probably won’t be
a short reliever
even in a long series.
The Kentucky Derby will race past him
crying in the dugout, forgotten.
We will feel a twinge of emptiness as they/we pass the finish line
flambouyant colors blurred by time
and we won’t know why.


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