The “You Gotta Believe It Or Not” Virtual Hall of Fame: A New Amazine Website Is Born

Announcement: The Amazine “You Gotta Believe It Or Not” Virtual Hall of Fame Opens its Electronic Doors on the Autumnal Equinox of 2006.

An historic moment in the annals of baseball to say the least! We would like to announce the creation of the new Virtual Hall of Fame at At this amazing website, you will find complete and partial listings for major league stats you never heard of, or perhaps heard of only through this website. We are sure that these unusual stats will make you see the game of baseball as you’ve never seen it before.

As these new lists are created, we will incorporate them here as they relate to current events in Mets baseball, and then migrate the Hall of Fame lists to the other site as time goes by. Left behind for your pleasure will be scattered links to the hidden hall of heroics that can be persued by baseball hounds who are interested in discovering the untold history of the game.

We know that these long lists that were previously incorporated into the main blog, tended to make it difficult to scroll down and find even recent articles, so for some of you this new format will make it more convenient to scroll down to previous Amazine articles.

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