Crowd and Player Reaction in Party Pooper Pittsburgh Reminiscent of Good Times After Bobby Thompson’s Home Run
copyright c 2006 Evan Pritchard for Amazine

There was no walk off home run on Saturday or Sunday for the Pirates, but the crowd and player reaction to beating the Mets was similar to the pandemonium for Bobby Thompson’s home run that beat the hated Dodgers in 1951.

I didn’t hear the Pittsburgh broadcast but as the Pirates’ players mobbed each other on the field after spoiling the Mets pennant-clincher on Saturday, I could just imagine what they said:

And the crowd (in Pittsburgh) is going CRAZY!!

That was almost what they said on Giants radio that day, when Bobby Thompson hit the “shot heard round the world.” My father was in Alaska on that day in 1951, and listened to that broadcast on radio. It was literally a “shot heard round the world.”

The Pirates players were acting as if they had won the pennant: one might say they were mocking the Mets in some way. Let them mock. The Pirates have had a lousy season all year until they acquired Nady, and are now feeling their Quaker Oats. The music at PNC Park is too loud anyway. Who needs that? I like that old guy with the wurlitzer at the old stadium, with the musical puzzles.

The Pirates scored two in the first off of Maine, and then one in the seventh off Bradford, and that was it. the Mets mighty bats were silenced again. They left 24 men on base, more men than you could fit onto a freight elevator. Those men are still out there, standing around, milling, wondering what to do. Let’s get them back to Shea and clinch the pennant on the 20th anniversary of the day they did it in 1986. I was at that game in 86, and it was very crowded, but a wonderful evening. They handed out Mets wall pennants before the game. That seemed to help their luck. My cohort DLP was there at that game too, in a biological manner of speaking. He was born 6 months later, already a Mets good luck charm. Wish I could get him down to Shea on Monday night to help them clinch on the 20th Anniversary, but he’s a busy man these days.

It was the fifth Pirate win in six games, so some credit is due; but also we have to give credit to the Phillies who seem to have forgotten how to lose.

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